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Divine Solitaires is India’s first loose solitaire brand that offers its diverse clientele the finest and most exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds in the world in an organised and transparent manner. Each of our diamonds adheres to the highest standards of artisanship and stringent quality parameters, which go beyond any certifications from labs.

We are India’s 1st diamond brand to offer the best price for a solitaire along with a Nationwide Standard Transparent Pricing, which guarantees complete peace of mind, total transparency, and an assurance to you that you will obtain the best value for your money. Our solitaires come with unparalleled features such as a unique Hearts and Arrows cut, easy Upgrade option, and a free all-risk Insurance cover, to name a few. We have a healthy network of 147 partner jewellers spanning across 88 cities in India.

Jignesh Mehta
Shailen Mehta
H.Dipak & Co


Jignesh Mehta

Founder & Managing Director


Mr Jignesh Mehta, a true visionary, felt the need for organised diamond marketing. This need led to the foundation of Divine Solitaires in 2006. He conceptualised the branding of solitaires, keeping intact the core values of consistently high quality and transparent pricing. All credit goes to him for developing the 1st Standard and Transparent Price List for diamonds, “Solitaire Price Index” and “Quality Guarantee Certificate”. He has been the central person in developing a unique image for the brand as well as looking after the everyday operations of the organisation.

Mr Mehta is a 1st-generation entrepreneur, having completed his Masters in Marketing from Australia & a diamond-grading course from Antwerp. He brings with him nearly 20 years of rich global experience of the diamond industry.


Shailen Mehta

Co-Founder & Director


Mr Shailen Mehta has a phenomenal experience when it comes to manufacturing and sourcing of rough diamonds. He has been the key person in the design and development of systems and processes to create world-class solitaires.

He commenced his journey with an in-house production with a fully equipped factory in 1998. He, then, went on to build a complete team of artisans, craftsmen, operators, and supervisors, from scratch. Mr Shailen is the person in charge for developing the organised and branded diamond business, wherein the manufacturer takes complete responsibility of the in-house polished diamonds regarding their brilliance, fire, and scintillation.


H.Dipak & Co.



H. Dipak and Company is the largest manufacturer and distributor of square-shaped diamonds in the world. They possess in-depth expertise, contemporary manufacturing facilities, and a global leadership position. This organisation found a huge and immense value proposition in Divine Solitaires, and this association would eventually synergise the offerings and manufacturing capabilities.

Mr Hitesh Mehta, another visionary and one of the original founders of H. Dipak & Co., takes care of Sales, Marketing, and PR.
Mr Manish Mehta has been instrumental in developing the core operations of the organisation, managing Human Resources and handling a workforce of over 4,000 individuals.

Mr Ankit Mehta deserves credit for infusing the company with progressive ideas and processes.


Vision Statement:
At Divine Solitaires our vision is to:

  • Become India’s most trustworthy brand in the diamond industry
  • Bring transparency in trade when it comes to the loose diamond jewellery sector
  • Bring clarity, uniformity, and transparency in the pricing of diamonds in India
  • Create the finest and highest-quality solitaires that reflect your everlasting love

Mission Statement:
“To provide the consumer with a perfectly-cut diamond solitaire that has ethical sourcing, and quality certification put together in a state-of-the-art packaging.”