Divine Solitaires
Divine Solitaires
  • 100% Certified

    100% Certified

  • Lifetime Upgrade

    Lifetime Upgrade

  • Hearts & Arrows

    Hearts & Arrows

  • Conflict Free Diamonds

    Conflict Free Diamonds

  • Laser Inscribed

    Laser Inscribed

  • Light Performance

    Light Performance

  • 360° Loupe View

    360° Loupe View

Diamonds that have a story

A unique digital solitaire experience that tells you the inside story of your Divine Solitaires, right from its origin, real-time pricing & much more!

Enter the UID code and track the price, quality and journey of your diamond.You can also avail a one-year free insurance and a lot more.

Our quality guarantee that comes with a certificate on the basis of 123 parameters is easily available at your fingertips.

The perfect cut in a round brilliant cut solitaire is identified by the Hearts & Arrows pattern. In the face-down position, you can see the 8 Hearts and when viewed face-up,the 8 Arrows.

Our perfect cut diamonds are identified by their extraordinary brilliance,fire and sparkle. Only stones with the best cuts reflect maximum light and therefore appear brighter than a poorly-cut diamond.

The 360-degree loupe view of a diamond reveals all the facets and the in-depth precision of a cut diamond, and therefore the brilliance of the stone.

In its original form, every diamond is a rock inside the depths of the earth. Under our “Diamond Journey” feature, you can get details about the mine from where your diamond was sourced. Additionally, you can also take a look at the stages your product has gone through; the rough diamond, the planned model and the polished diamond.

We understand that solitaires are an investment too. That’s why you can upgrade your solitaire at 100% of the current value on the Divine Solitaires price list and opt for a bigger one at any time.

Know diamond value

Know Your Diamond Value

Divine Solitaires’ Know The Value (KTV) helps you know exactly how much your solitaire is worth, based on our Nationwide Standard and Transparent Pricing. The added benefit of this feature is that you can compare the current price of our diamond with what price it was years ago, giving you freedom from being completely dependent on your jeweller.

Solitaire Price Index

Solitaire Price Index

An index introduced on 1st April 2006 which tracks trends in diamond prices.

Solitaires Price Index is purely based on the Divine Solitaires “Nationwide Standard and Transparent Price List”.

Divine Solitaires publishes the Divine Solitaire Price Index on the 1st of every month.

Jenna George

Best Surprise Ever

“He surprised me with a lovely diamond ring after I returned to the city. Though I was expecting this someday, it was still such a surprise that I burst into tears and said yes! He asked me in front of our friends who helped him choose the ring. Even after so many months, not a single moment of that day has slipped out of my mind. I admire the solitaire on the ring whenever I look at it.”

Sarah Campbell

In love with Hearts & Arrows

“On my birthday this year, my father wanted to gift me something special. He selected a circular pendant with two round cut solitaires for me. I think the Hearts & Arrows pattern is amazing and unlike anything I have seen before. My father is the most important person in my life and this pendant means so much more to me than just a gift. It is truly special.”

Mahesh Shah

Excellent Customer Service

“Just a month away from our first anniversary, I wondered what I could gift my wife. A pair of diamond earrings seemed like a great idea. The brand representative at the store was patient and polite while helping me choose a pair of solitaire stud earrings set in rose gold. The gold colour contrasts well with the gleam of the diamond. My wife was love-struck!”