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NO. Comparing Divine Solitaires to another similar quality diamond, Divine Solitaires is at par or could be maximum between 2 to 3% cheaper or expensive. The price of a diamond depends on more than 123 parameters. To compare the right price you must ensure that all these parameters are comparable to Divine Solitaires standards. Many sellers deceive customers by giving a diamond that is weak in any parameter which brings the value down by between 5% to 70% depending on which parameter

Divine Solitaires are regular NATURAL diamonds like all others in the regular Round & Square shapes called Round, Brilliant and Princess respectively. Every Round Divine Solitaire has the regular 57 facets like all other diamonds. The special thing about Divine Solitaires is that every diamond is guaranteed to be (Ex.Ex.Ex.)Plus which means every facet is perfectly cut in the ideal proportion & angles consistently in every Divine Solitaires. You can thus experience the magnificent pattern of Hearts & Arrows in every round Divine Solitaires.

See the comparison Chart Below

Parameters Other / Int’l lab Certified Diamonds Divine Solitaires
Brand Mark on Diamond Brand marks guaranteeing Quality & Price not found Divine Solitaires Laser Inscribed on every diamond guaranteeing Quality & Price
Natural vs. manmade diamonds Can’t say Guaranteed Natural diamond
Blood Diamond Can’t say Strict adherence to Kimberley Process Certification
Artificial quality enhancement May be or may not be treated on the quality Guaranteed no artificial treatment done
Certificate None or at best 3rd party labs like IGI / GIA Divine Solitaires certificate + 3rd party lab certificate like GIA/IGI.
Quality Guarantee No guaranty only analysis of quality available Quality Analysis + Quality guaranty to be consistently best diamond
Parameters Checked Only around 40 Parameters All 123 Parameter Guaranteed to be best.
Unique ID Inscription May or May Not Be Present On every diamond protecting against theft & swap
Cut Grade Ranges from Poor to Excellent Always(Ex.EX.EX)plus in Round Shape
Hearts & Arrows Not Sure All Diamonds displays perfect H&A in round shape
Fluorescence None to Very Strong None to Negligible
Overtones Not Sure (Grey/Brown/etc.) No Overtones
Lustre Can be Dull/Dead Guaranteed Brilliance
Black Inclusion Oftenly found, reduces the value of diamond drastically. Guaranteed to be non to negligible
Extra Facets & Cavities Might be Present Extremely controlled
Polished Girdles/ Pointed Cutlets Not Sure All Divine Solitaires have it
Transparent Pricing
Standard Pricing No Standard Price National Standard & Transparent Price List
Upgrade If available, No Transparency 100% of the prevailing prices with complete transparency

Hearts and Arrows pattern which reflects in a diamond when it is cut precisely to ideal proportion with superior optical symmetry. To see this pattern you require an Heart & Arrow loop. When the diamond is seen from the bottom via loop you can see eight Hearts in a circular formation and when seen from the top you can see eight arrows in a circular formation.

Rs. 20,000 to 80 lacs and above (on demand). Have the liberty to choose your Divine Solitaires from a wide range of shape, size, colour and clarity

Every Divine Solitaires have an unique id inscribed on the girdle of the diamond. Anyone can use magnification loop and see the unique id to identify the diamond.

Yes, Divine Solitaires are ideal for astrological purpose.