Divine Solitaires

Buy an Engagement Ring on a Budget

Every person desires to get the most beautiful diamond rings for their better half. However, no one desires this at the cost of their entire savings which makes the process of buying diamond engagement rings quite difficult. Buying solitaire rings can get pretty cumbersome when other factors affecting the solitaire ring budget come into the picture. It is therefore essential to know everything about diamonds so that you can precisely make your choices which will help you keep the cost your diamond ring price minimal and affordable. Divine Solitaires provides you with an exquisite range of diamond rings to choose from and helps you stick to your engagement ring budget. Here are a few factors to consider while buying your diamond ring to make it cost-effective:

  • Cuts and Shapes :

    The shape of a diamond refers to the entire geometric proportion of the solitaire whereas cuts are a diamond’s proportions and facets. The cut determines the brilliance and sparkle of solitaire rings. It is the most important factor that helps in deciding the diamond ring price. Not just cost, but it also helps in determining the quality of the stone. Hearts and arrows, round cut, and princess cuts are some of the common choices of cuts. The shape of a diamond is completely a personal choice. Once you have decided the shape and the cut of your solitaire as preferred, the other 3 Cs which are clarity, colour and carat weight become easy to determine. You are also less inclined to change your diamond engagement rings or wedding rings anytime soon as you have chosen the cut and shape yourself and hence, it helps you save cost and stay within your diamond ring budget.

  • Clean to the naked eye? Good to buy! :

    A strict budget calls for stringent action! Sometimes a high-quality diamond with VVS1 clarity cannot be differentiated from a diamond with inclusions like SI1 to the naked eye. However, there is a considerable amount of difference in the diamond ring price which effectively screams about the difference in quality. Until viewed under 10x magnification, the inclusions present in SI1 diamonds are as good as not being present. So if you are on a tight engagement ring budget and do not want to spend more on your diamond rings you may opt for an SI1 diamond and not a VVS1 as to the naked eye, since both are almost similar. The same applies to the colour grading of diamonds. The GIA has set up a colour grading scheme ranging from D-Z in which ‘D’ includes the clearest diamonds and ‘Z’ resembles diamonds with a slight yellow colour. However, if you are on a strict budget, you need not buy a ‘D’ graded diamond. A diamond with ‘I’ grading should also suffice as diamond engagement rings under both grades appear the same to the naked eye.

  • Polish Matters :

    Polishing the solitaire helps in smoothing the surface of th diamond rings. You can save on your diamond ring price by getting a ‘good’ grade of polishing and not striving for an ‘excellent’ grade as there is not much of a difference between both. Most consumers cannot even distinguish the difference in the quality of polishing.

  • Alternative to Platinum :

    Platinum is the most expensive metal owing it to its shine and durability. It is also the most preferred metal for diamond engagement rings as it complements the diamond by increasing its sparkle and brilliance. However, sometimes it is not possible to afford platinum as the metal for you wedding ring or engagement ring, in case of a low wedding ring budget In such cases, an alternative such as white gold can be used. White gold is almost similar in appearance to platinum and is an excellent substitute for platinum diamond rings. Advantages of white gold include durability, scratch resistance that enhance the diamond’s brilliance.

  • Certified Diamonds :

    Diamond certification is important to ensure that the solitaire rings that you are purchasing are of premium quality. No matter how strict your budget is, it is necessary to get a quality-checked product to ensure it lasts and is worth its cost. Divine Solitaires provides you with quality assurance certificates which ensure that the diamond for you engagement rings or single diamond rin is responsibly sourced, quality assured and conflict free. Each diamond engagement ring by Divine Solitaires are also checked on 123 parameters and then given a quality check certification by Divine Solitaires which is far better than GIA, IGI or any other international lab certificate to ensure that consumers get the best diamonds for their rings.