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Choose Your Perfect Diamond

With so many unique options in precious stones, finding the perfect solitaire that matches your preferences can be a task. Even though each person’s diamond hunt is unique, here are a few points to help you understand how to go about it.

It is always good to start by selecting the shape of the diamond. One can always go for the popular one such as the round cut or the princess cut, in case of confusion. Next, set the carat weight. This is important as the most beautiful half-carat diamond would be a disappointment if a one-carat diamond is what the person wishes for.

The 4 C's:

  • Cut :

    The cut of a diamond defines the diamond's fire and brilliance, and plays an important role in the overall appearance of a diamond. A poorly cut diamond will look dull even with the excellent colour and clarity. An ideal cut is a round shaped diamond or a princess cut diamond that is cut to perfection and has excellent symmetry and excellent polish. Diamonds at Divine Solitaires are of Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cut which signifies that the solitaires possess excellent cut, excellent symmetry and excellent polish.

    If the selected cut is outside the set budget, one can consider making slight changes to the carat weight. A change of up to 10% is not visually detectable.

  • Clarity :

    It is fine to make some concessions in the clarity of a diamond. Each diamond has a few blemishes and inclusions because of the condition in which they are formed. Many people opt for diamonds with a few inclusions if they are invisible to the naked eye. People who are intolerant to inclusions despite them being invisible to the naked eye can go for Very Slightly Included 2 (VSI2) stones. The most popular range is the Very Slightly Included 1 (VSI1) diamonds to Very Slightly included 2 diamonds which appears flawless, without the help of a loupe.

  • Color :

    It is difficult to detect colour in a diamond once it is set in a ring or placed in a coloured environment. Diamond buyers prefer diamonds that are colour graded with J, K, and L. Diamonds with more facets reflect more light and tend to hide colour better than other shapes. So, consider a round shaped diamond, princess cut diamond or a modified brilliant cut diamond over other shapes if you are concerned about colour.

  • Carat :

    Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat is equivalent to 0.20 grams. The larger the carat, the pricier the diamond, although the other "C's" can influence the final price significantly.

    Though not mentioned as one of the four C's, a diamond's shape plays an integral part in the selection of any diamond engagement ring.Divine Solitaires offers diamonds in four shapes: round, princess cut, oval and pear.

    Lastly it is critical that you have a comprehensive understanding of diamond anatomy and proportion - brilliance, dispersion and scintillation.

    Understanding how to choose the perfect diamond, will affect how you choose your engagement ring. Before choosing your perfect engagement ring, make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of diamonds- from their structure to the 4C's.

If following the above-mentioned step leaves one with a diamond still above the set budget, the process should be repeated with different thresholds.

Reduce the quality furthermore. Go for a grade as low as Slightly Included 1 diamonds.

One can go for the colour next. The grade can go down to J. If the diamond is expected to set up in gold, one can safely drop to grade K.

Finally, reduce the cut. Go for the round cut instead of the fancy ones.

After all these concessions, if the diamonds are still outside the set budget, the further concessions depend on individual preferences.

If the desired carat weight is one, one can consider dropping the clarity to Slightly Included 2 diamonds.

An L-M is a perfect colour range to go for if the chosen diamond is a brilliant cut diamond under 1.50 carats and is to be set in yellow gold.

If the size of the diamond is the primary concern for choosing, one can go for a fair round cut or fancy shaped diamonds.

If the diamond is still out of budget one should consider increasing the budget or reducing the set minimum carat weight.