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Dating back to 1447, diamonds have been used as engagement rings ever since, to signify the unbreakable bond and pure love that one has for their companion. Also considered to be a woman’s best friend diamond engagement rings for women and men’s diamond rings are truly the right way to please your lady/man easily. Diamond engagement rings express your love like no other. Popping it in your better halves drink or just surprising her/him out of the blue, diamond rings always get a ‘yes’. However, it is extremely important to choose the best and perfect diamond engagement ring just as it pleases your companion. Choosing the perfect solitaire ring can be made easier by considering these important factors mentioned below:

Every person desires to get the most beautiful diamond rings for their better half. However, no one desires this at the cost of their entire savings which makes the process of buying diamond engagement rings quite difficult. Buying solitaire rings can get pretty cumbersome when other factors affecting the solitaire ring budget come into the picture. It is therefore essential to know everything about diamonds so that you can precisely make your choices which will help you keep the cost your diamond ring price minimal and affordable. Divine Solitaires provides you with an exquisite range of diamond rings to choose from and helps you stick to your engagement ring budget. Here are a few factors to consider while buying your diamond ring to make it cost-effective:

  • Cuts and Shapes :

    The shape of a diamond refers to the entire geometric proportion of the solitaire whereas cuts are a diamond’s proportions and facets. The cut determines the brilliance and sparkle of solitaire rings. It is the most important factor that helps in deciding the diamond ring price. Not just cost, but it also helps in determining the quality of the stone. Hearts and arrows, round cut, and princess cuts are some of the common choices of cuts. The shape of a diamond is completely a personal choice. Once you have decided the shape and the cut of your solitaire as preferred, the other 3 Cs which are clarity, colour and carat weight become easy to determine. You are also less inclined to change your diamond engagement rings or wedding rings anytime soon as you have chosen the cut and shape yourself and hence, it helps you save cost and stay within your diamond ring budget.

  • 1 The 4Cs of Diamond Quality :

    The 4Cs of diamond are the most important factors while determining the quality of the diamond engagement ring and choosing diamonds as well. The 4C’s of diamond are colour, carat weight, clarity, and cut. The cut refers to the diamond’s proportions and facets and is the most important aspect of a single diamond ring. The cut also determines the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond and helps you choose solitaire of best quality. Colour and clarity refer to the amount of light that gets reflected by the solitaire whereas the carat weight is the weight of pure diamond in the gem. All these factors help you select the diamond solitaire e that you want, the shape and most importantly its cost. Divine Solitaires provides you with diamond engagement rings of premium quality by obtaining the best combination of the 4C’s of diamonds.

  • 2 Polish Matters :

    Polishing the solitaire helps in smoothing the surface of th diamond rings. You can save on your diamond ring price by getting a ‘good’ grade of polishing and not striving for an ‘excellent’ grade as there is not much of a difference between both. Most consumers cannot even distinguish the difference in the quality of polishing.

  • 3 Selecting the Metal :

    Selecting the metal for your diamond ring design is the next important step after the quality of the diamond is decided. The metal is the part on which the diamond is mounted and hence, it is essential as it is required to complement the diamond in order to increase the appeal of the engagement rings The most commonly available metals are platinum, yellow gold, and white gold. Platinum is the most expensive metal as it is durable and has natural luster which does not fade away with time. Platinum rings are also the most preferred as platinum complements the diamonds perfectly well. Yellow gold is a more traditional and classic metal used in engagement rings. Available in two variations; 18K and 14K, the quality of the gold depends on its proportion with alloys. Although it catches scratches easily, the repair costs are lower than that of platinum. White Gold is a combination of gold and other metals which gives it a silver-like colour. The advantage of white gold is that it matches well with your r diamond jewellery set.

  • 4 Setting is important too :

    Ring Settings decides the shape and the way you want your ring to be made and helps you choose solitaire e that will match your engagement ring. There are a variety of options available, standard or custom, that you can choose the setting of your engagement ring from. The setting of engagement rings varies from person to person. The charm of the engagement ring matching the personality of the person wearing it might just increase their appeal and persona. Prong, bezel and tension settings are some of the most used types of settings. However, prongs are the most popular ones as they add brilliance to your solitaire by helping them stand out.

  • 5 Certificate :

    Quality check is very important while buying diamond engagement rings. You need to be sure that the solitaire rings you are purchasing are worth their price. After you have purchased the ring, a certificate of authenticity by the GIA is given which tells you the quality of your engagement ring. Diamonds from Divine Solitaires are checked on 123 parameters before being certified to assure you of the best quality. The GIA certificate is only provided to diamonds that score above 0.30 on their scale. Furthermore, Divine Solitaires issues its own Quality Guarantee Certificate for each diamond which is after a diamond is checked thoroughly on 123 parameters where as the other laboratories check diamonds on 40 parameters only.

  • Guarantee :

    Solitaire rings always come with a certain period of guarantee which depends on the jewellers. It is a necessary parameter as it is safeguards your diamond. In case of any mishap, the guarantee of the diamond helps you cover the extra cost of the solitaires. Another important aspect is insuring your diamond ring. Insurance is also important as it covers your engagement ring in case of any mishap or thefts. Divine Solitaires realizes this risk and hence provides you with a one-year free insurance for engagement rings for you to choose diamonds that are best.