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Ring Sizing

Comfort is the most basic requirement of any commodity. Similarly, your wedding ring should perfectly fit your finger as it is going to be on your finger for most of the time. The diamond ring design will lose its charm completely if the ring sizing is not perfect. Hence, here are some tips on ring sizing. A perfectly fitting wedding ring or engagement rin is one that slides over the knuckle easily but won’t fall off your finger. Considering how precious a diamond wedding ring is, it is extremely important to choose a ring that fits perfectly well. However, tips on ring sizes for men are different from tips on ring sizes for women. Ring sizing is not a cumbersome process as one might expect it to be. To do so you could either measure your ring size online or get a plastic mould made which is equivalent to the actual engagement ring or wedding ring to ensure that your ring fits you well.

Before you begin taking the measurement of your ring, pick the finger that you want to wear your diamond ring on. It is possible that the fingers on your dominant hand might be larger than those on your non-dominant hand. Cold weather might cause your fingers to shrink, while heat or water retention might cause swelling of fingers. Hence, these precautions should be taken care of before you measure your solitaire ring size. It is suggested that you measure your fingers at the end of the day as the size of your finger changes due to the weather and the time of the day. It is also essential to measure your fingers more than 5 times to get an accurate result. If in case, your finger size falls between two sizes that are available, choose the diamond ring of larger size. You can also refer to certain size charts that are available on the internet.