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Diamond Setting Type

From the cut of the diamond to its setting, it is extremely important that the ring you choose does not just suit the person but is also a reflection of their personality. Some like the extra sparkle, some fall for the simple elegance and some choose their diamonds for the perfect cut and ring settings. The ring settings also differ in accordance with the ring type and affect your solitaire ring budget. Here are a few common types of ring settings:

  • Prongs :

    Prongs are the most traditional and classic type of engagement ring setting. This type of setting allows maximum visibility of the diamond and minimum metal is visible which increases the brilliance of the diamond as more light is able to pass through it.

  • Bezel:

    From promise rings to engagement rings with names inscribed, this setting is generally used to provide extra durability to the ring. This simple and sober setting completely surrounds the diamond and keeps it intact. White gold or platinum can be used to give the diamond more prominence. This type of setting is a versatile one as it can accommodate all sizes of a diamond.

  • Tension :

    This is a type of setting that is currently in vogue when it comes to engagement rings. The use of actual when it comes to engagement rings. The use of actual prongs is eliminated by suspending the diamond between the two ends of the bands since the prong-like setting which holds the diamond is very strong.

  • Channel:

    A ‘channel’ is created in this ring setting by using two metal bands and in this channel small diamonds are embedded. The diamonds are secure because they are embedded between the metal. This ring setting type makes it easy for people who do intensive work with their hands.

  • Twist:

    A complex type of setting which is currently trending in engagement ring for couples is the twist setting in which the metal band is twisted to create a crisscross effect and the diamond is mounted on top of it.

  • Bar:

    A very classy and bold kind of setting, the bar setting is the type in which two metal bars hold the diamond in between. This helps showcase the diamond beautifully and focuses on the magnificence of the diamond.