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‘Know Your Diamond Value’ allows you to select each parameter that affects the price of a diamond and then provides you with an estimation of the diamond’s price while also giving you a marker to indicate the pricing trend. This enables you to make diamond price comparison between current and past dates and gain an insight on its trends.

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Gauging diamond prices without the help of any sort of diamond price calculator tool can be a tricky proposition for the average customer. Diamond prices can fluctuate drastically depending on the cut, size, colour, and clarity. A customer with little knowledge of diamonds and no technical know-how is overly reliant on the attendant at the jeweller’s store.

We, at Divine Solitaires, are relentless in our approach to provide transparency and the best prices on our diamonds. For this purpose, with the help of our ‘Know The Diamond Value’, we provide our customers with an online tool that lets them look up and check diamond prices, and even track and compare the price of the same over the years.

For example, the first parameter is the diamond shape. This can be princess, oval, pear or round. Excellent cut grade ensures a consistent stunning sparkle and an even distribution of carat weight. Thus, round diamonds are the most expensive while pear shaped ones, the least.

The second parameter is the diamond size. Higher the diamond carat, costlier the diamond. Here, Divine Solitaires always advises choosing a carat weight not just on the basis of diamond size but also considering its cut grade, as it strongly affects the quality of your diamond.

The third parameter is the diamond colour. A diamond colour is classified into a grade range of D-Z. Divine Solitaires offers diamonds within the D-K range. Grade D means the diamond is completely colourless while Grade K refers to diamonds that are slightly tinted. The lesser the tint in the diamond colour, the more expensive it is.

The fourth parameter is the diamond clarity. This too can be graded as SI2, SI1, VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1 and IF. Diamonds in the Internally Flawless grade have the best clarity and highest pricing, while SI1 grade diamonds have the least clarity and are less expensive. Divine Solitaires recommends a clarity of VVS2 or higher grades if you want to be sure of your diamond’s stunning brilliance.

So once the customer has decided upon each of the parameters and made their selection on our portal, the transparent price of the diamond is determined along with an option for the customer to know its price trend during the last 3 months. They can also know the price of that stone and the change in the pricing trend since the last 10 years!

This allows anyone to get an in-depth understanding of how the price of the diamond is moving along on a date-to-date basis, creating transparency in the pricing of diamonds that was not possible earlier.

Divine Solitaires also offer a ‘upgrade guarantee at 100%’ of the prevailing rates as per the ‘National Standard and Transparent Price List’ on any diamond. This makes the process of knowing the value of any diamond with the help of a diamond calculator very simple and completely transparent.

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