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Our Craftsmanship – An elegance in itself!

Our Craftsmanship – An elegance in itself!

Jewellery is essential for people who love to add accessories to their outfits. Not only does it add extra glamour to your look but also gives an additional touch of beauty to your personality. Mass-produced jewellery, no matter how appealing, might just miss the personal touch and uniqueness that handcrafted jewellery brings in. Our craftsmanship not only consists of the resources that are required but also reflects culture and sheer grace. However, it has its own niche. Available in a variety of designs, our diamond jewellery is unique due to the excellent artisanship. Divine Solitaires provides the best and crafted diamond jewellery made just for you and virtually by you.

The world’s finest and elegant jewellery is not made overnight. Perseverance and patience are its key ingredients. With each piece made one at a time, the jewellery requires special attention and delicate care of the artisan personally. Our craftsmanship involves crafting of the metal by the artisan himself without using any machinery. Traditionally, the metals were carved and moulded as preferred. However, currently, the artisan first prepares a wax model which is later cast in plaster or gold. By using hand tools like blades and files, the artisan carves and shaves the wax as per the diamond ring design or as required. Once the plaster model is ready, it is cast in molten gold or any other metal, as preferred. Further, these pieces are put together by welding and soldering at extreme temperatures. The diamonds are set to add shimmer to the jewellery once it has been soldered.

Our craftsmanship is more preferable due to the vast benefits it offers. The strength, crispness, fine finish, uniqueness and variety are few of the advantages.

Divine Solitaires offers numerous designs for you to choose from. However, to ease your burden and oblige to your preferences, Divine Solitaires curates designs that you specifically want for yourself or your loved ones. Each curve, each cut and each line is designed as per the choice that gives you the entire freedom to design your jewellery however you desire.

It is believed that handmade jewellery costs more as it involves personal care and takes a lot of time to be mould. On the contrary, Divine Solitaires gives its consumers the liberty to design their own jewellery.

Not only do we provide you with the option to design your jewellery but we also let you decide its budget. Custom diamond rings, diamond earrings , pendants, necklaces, and solitaire jewellery are custom-made and the budget is also decided by the customer themselves.

At Divine Solitaires, creating jewellery for you is not just our profession but also our passion. Our jewellery has a different journey from its mining to its polishing, and everything is genuinely curated by excellent artisans who have impeccable expertise in diamonds and the industry.