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Distinctive Diamonds from Divine Solitaires

An epitome of elegance and class, diamonds enhance your persona like no other. Since ancient times, diamonds have been known to induce strength and courage, and have been a symbol of invincibility. As the hardest rock on earth, diamonds are gems that symbolize beauty and boldness. Used as an engagement ring or just as a gift to your loved ones or even as personal trinkets, diamond jewellery is an artefact that can never be forgotten. The rare stone takes billions of years to be the beautiful gem that it is. Compressed 100 miles deep in the ground under enormous pressure, diamonds take time and skilled labour to become the beautiful piece of jewellery that they are.

While considering our jewellery’s USPs, you can be sure that you’re buying an authentic Divine Solitaires product if it has a “D S” inconspicuously engraved on the gold body.

In line with the popular astrological belief that ‘a diamond directly touching the skin brings luck’, our products also have a small diamond embedded between the two letters.

We genuinely care about our consumers and so all the gold used in our jewellery is completely nickel safe.

Divine Solitaires produces highly captivating solitaire and diamond jewellery designs, as per your preference. With creative workmanship and authentic solitaires, diamonds by Divine Solitaires are finely crafted into your preferred designs making them truly ‘your’ creation. Our artistry also ensures that your solitaire is securely set on the jewel and that the chance of losing it is either nil or very rare. Apart from the 4Cs of diamonds which are clarity, cut, colour, and carat, diamonds are also checked on 123 parameters to ensure that you get the best ones. At Divine Solitaires, the diamonds certified are responsibly and ethically sourced through the Kimberley process and then cut with extreme precision to provide you with supreme quality diamond jewellery. Divine Solitaires also provides 100% certified diamond jewellery which surpasses the guarantee of the GIA diamond report.

Jewellery USPs

One of the important aspects to be considered while buying diamond jewellery is insurance. Insurance on diamond jewellery helps you cover the extra expenses incurred in case of any mishap such as loss, accidents or even thefts. Owing to their high cost and preciousness, insuring your solitaire keeps you from losing your savings. Divine Solitaires realizes this threat and provides a one-year free insurance from a reputed insurance company. The steps for diamond insurance are simple and hassle-free. You just need to register your solitaire or jewellery, fill and submit the details and get the Certificate of Insurance with the period of risk cover.

Another major aspect of owning any jewellery is its resale, which consists of the upgrade and the buyback value. Divine Solitaires gives you excellent provisions even after you have purchased your diamond. One can upgrade their solitaire jewellery easily at Divine Solitaires without any complications. Any of our loose diamonds purchased can be upgraded to a new one too. You will receive the entire prevailing amount of your solitaire at the time of upgrade, and only the difference in cost between your old diamond and the upgraded one has to be paid out of your pocket. The only requirement for a diamond upgrade is its original laboratory grading document and you are all set to get your hands on some new bling.

Along with diamond insurance, GIA-certified diamonds, diamond upgrade and buy-back, consumer trust is also one of our major USPs. Each diamond is designed with utter care and grace, and the designs are crafted as per the customers’ preferences. Divine Solitaires strives to ensure that the customer gets the best of whatever they demand.