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Historically, India has always been at the forefront of the diamond business. Until the discovery of diamonds in Brazil in 1726, India was the only place where diamonds were mined. However, in the recent times, consumers began doubting the quality and price of Indian diamonds. As the diamond price was difficult to ascertain without laboratory equipment or a specific diamond price index, it was difficult to know the correct solitaire price of loose diamonds in India. The most consumers could do was to rely on the word of the attendant at the jeweller’s store where they made their purchase. Often people were misled and ended up with low quality diamonds at prices higher than the actual value. The need for a standard and transparent price was dire.

Thus, to address this issue head-on, Divine Solitaires, on the 1st of April 2006, introduced the Solitaire Price Index (SPI).

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Return in Sensex, Gold & Diamonds since 2010

Just as the stock market indexes the share prices of different companies, the Solitaire Price Index (SPI) denotes the price of diamonds. Focused on bringing standard and transparent pricing to the procurement of loose diamonds, SPI is purely based on the Divine Solitaires’ “Nationwide Standard and Transparent Price List ”. <% vm.show_more_graph ? '' : '...' %>

Since we at Divine Solitaires are aware that buying a diamond is a huge moment from, both, an emotional and an investment standpoint, we publish the Divine Solitaire Price Index on the 1st of every month. This diamond price index gives clear indications on how the value of diamonds have risen over the month, year and quarter, and can be used by anyone to effectively track trends in diamond pricing.

Divine Solitaires sends its price list to around 70 of the very top jewellers in the country. The diamond price list serves to help customers across the world to know the right solitaire prices and also to know the prevailing rates for upgrading or selling any diamond they own.

The Solitaire Price Index (SPI) is computed from the prices of shape (Round Brilliant Cut Diamond), size (0.10 cents to 2.99 cents and above), colour (D to K) and clarity (IF to SI2). In all, the SPI carries a comprehensive listing that helps all consumers to know for themselves the right price of the diamond they wish to buy or sell, whatever be its size, shape, cut or colour.

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