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Diamond Journey

Diamonds: A Timeless Journey

A diamond’s journey is filled with diligence and perseverance. From mining details to making the final cut, the entire journey takes billions of years. The mesmerizing diamond story is a product of hard work, patience, and endurance. The pure gem is completely different from what it was when sourced from under the ground. No two diamonds can be similar as each diamond has a different composition. Formed under excessive pressure, diamonds are gems that last forever and are generally designated as an expression of love. Divine Solitaires brings you authentic and captivating solitaires that are crafted with skill and precision, and are responsibly sourced.

Mining :

At Divine Solitaires, your diamonds are sourced with the Kimberley Process Certification, to ensure that only the best conflict-free diamonds become a part of your collection. A combination of ideal heat and pressure conditions, and explicit artisanship, make diamonds from Divine Solitaires the ones you could ever want.

Cutting :

After the sourcing of a rough and uncut diamond, cutting it is the most important step which determines the brilliance of the stone.

The brilliance of a diamond is determined by the cut which makes it a very important aspect in the diamond making process.

The yield achieved depends on the cut of the natural diamond. A classic round brilliant cut diamond has 57 facets: 33 on the top, 24 on the bottom, and the culet at the bottom. For princess, oval and pear-shaped diamonds, an excellent grade cut will ensure consistent, stunning sparkle and even distribution of carat weight. Diamonds at Divine Solitaires display the hearts and arrows pattern, a property that all diamonds with an excellent cut possess. Hearts and arrows diamonds are a brilliant choice when choosing diamonds for jewellery. The quality diamonds by Divine are cut with precision and not “spread” keeping the geometric relations in mind. All the diamonds at Divine Solitaire are of (Ex.Ex.Ex)Plus cut.

Polishing :

Cutting is followed by polishing, where the diamond is given its final touches. The 4 Cs: colour, clarity, cut, and carat are the most important aspects to be considered before buying any diamond. They indicate the true value of the solitaire. Lustre, overtones and fluorescence are some more features that also determine the value of the stone. Divine Solitaires offers you a wide range of solitaires ranging from heart diamonds to oval and pear-shaped diamonds to choose from.

The diamond journey is a very magnificent one. From a dark and rough rock to the most beautiful gem worth lakhs, the diamond story allows the consumers to connect with the jewel. Divine Solitaires brings you conflict-free diamonds which are checked on 123 parameters and certified with a diamond trademark to help you ensure the quality of the gem. (It is our passion and not just a profession to provide the best solitaires of exquisite artisanship). The undiminished beauty of diamonds is what has made them so highly prized through several centuries and we at Divine Solitaires strive to keep this beautiful legacy alive.

More about Journey

In its original form, every diamond is a rock inside the depths of the earth. Under our “Diamond Journey” feature, you can get details about the mine from where your diamond was sourced. Additionally, you can also take a look at the stages your product has gone through; the rough diamond, the planned model and the polished diamond.