Divine Solitaires

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

In legends of old, is found a tale of a divine or heaven-sent messenger who shoots his arrows straight into his victims’ hearts. He is called Cupid, often. His victims would fall in love. Not the everyday ‘last forever’ kind that is found abound, but of superior quality that is tested and crafted.

We at Divine Solitaires think similarly with our diamonds, ours is not the everyday kind solitaire quality you can get anywhere in the market or in any diamond online. Ours are much more rare and intricately cut as an ode to the original hearts & arrows by Cupid.

With special love, we are very careful in crafting and guaranteeing the best diamond cuts of superior diamond quality with Ex.Ex.Ex Plus quality bringing the perfect round shape. Our ‘Round Brilliant’ cut boasts of 57 facets for the perfect symmetry and angles. This solitaire cut has no overtones and includes highly controlled extra facets and cavities.

During the selection, we don’t just go by third-party certificates with their 40 parameters. We look much beyond the 4Cs of diamonds.

The testing and selection of our diamonds is done on the basis of exactly 123 parameters.

These include but are not limited to brilliance, fire, scintillation, overtones, fluorescence, and lustre. If any diamond fails to comply with even a single parameter, it does not become a part of our divine collection. The missing parameters of third-party certificates can alter the value of a diamond from 20% to 80%.

However, with diamonds, the biggest test these days is their light performance. The diamond cuts, diamond quality, the diamond grading and diamond clarity all come into play here. With our guaranteed brilliant lustre, Divine Solitaires’ superior quality diamonds always top this test. Diamond colour too plays a major role, so with negligible inclusions, our diamonds are always the clearest and of superior solitaire quality.

But most important for the best light performance is the shape and cut; the patterns one sees within the diamond. A superior diamond reveals the old pattern of love: the heart & arrow that Cupid portrayed. Seen from below, all our diamonds showcase 8 hearts in a circular formation, and 8 arrows when viewed from above. Only the rarest, purest and the best jewels with a view of the hearts and arrows can be said to be perfectly symmetrical.

Thus, ours are the diamonds for the rarest kind of love. Divinely crafted, ours even carry the shape of love.