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Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

The diamond price fluctuates drastically depending on its cut, size, colour, and clarity. For the average customer with little knowledge of the detailed technicalities of diamonds, it becomes increasingly difficult to gauge the true diamond rate. Thus, they are found to be overly reliant on the attendant at a jewellery store.

However, we at Divine Solitaires are relentless in our approach to provide a transparent and standardised diamond price; all solitaire diamonds sold by us have a nationwide standard and transparent price.

Divine Solitaires also provides its customers with the ability to check diamond rates online using the Divine Solitaires Mobile App and our website. With the help of this user-friendly app, one can easily know any diamond rate today at Divine Solitaires before purchasing or simply track solitaire price any time and anywhere.

Divine Solitaires has its own Solitaires Price Index (SPI). This index can be used by anyone to track the trends in the diamond price. This Transparent Pricing List is issued on a monthly basis and is curated through regular and thorough analysis of the industry trends. Diamonds across the country are priced and sold based on this unique pricing system.

Track Diamond Prices on Mobile Application & Website

Firstly, the list ensures that our customers always pay a standard solitaire price, irrespective of the retailer they purchase the diamond from. Secondly, the list indicates the overall movement or price appreciation, thus enabling customers with a keen eye for reliable assets to Upgrade or Buyback at Divine Solitaires.

Moreover, on our app and website, one can also acquire the product details of any diamond purchased from Divine Solitaires. With this, customers get to know more about the quality, craftsmanship, and the diamond’s performance on all 123 parameters. Additionally, every diamond sold at Divine Solitaires has a unique identification code. So customers can simply scan the QR code or enter the UID to experience the diamond’s story themselves, right from its origin in the mines to finally becoming a sparkling polished product.