Jewellery | Divine Solitaires



With high levels of creativity and exceptional artisanship, inspired jewellery designers can create customised jewellery to make your special moments last forever.
Besides captivating designs, our jewellery range offers you the freedom to choose your own design and the desired solitaire to create a unique jewellery piece that you can truly call your “own” creation.
The authenticity of our jewellery range is guaranteed by its unique and exclusive trademark symbol, with an embedded diamond on the inner side of the ring between “D” and “S” embossing. This trademark symbol is a mark of guarantee and purity from our exclusive jewellery range. It assures customers the best quality and finish of the highest international standard that is comparable with reputed international brands. The solitaires used in our signature designs are the most magnificent and glamorous.
A complete range of solitaire pendants, earrings, and rings are available in 18K gold (comprising the finest alloys), which enhances your vibrant personality. The alloy used in 18K gold is free of nickel because nickel is primarily responsible for developing skin allergies by wearing gold jewellery.

Our jewellery range is the result of contemporary designs with perfect accuracy that is achieved through goldsmith techniques with a combination of perfectly symmetrical solitaires.

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