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Beautiful diamonds come closer to your heart as pendants. Flaunt the one that stands for your personal style!

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More about diamond pendants

Start with a diamond

Design your own diamond pendant by choosing a solitaire

Solitaire pendants are the ideal solitaire jewellery. Your face and neck are what people notice first. We understand that jewellery around the neck can be cumbersome and annoying. But our solitaire pendants are lightweight and attractive. Pendants from our Ballerina collection flaunt a dancing diamond at the core of the design!

Diamond pendants are quite feminine in appearance and essence. Hence, they also reflect a woman’s personality. You may choose to wear a very simple design or something that has more diamonds. Simple designs signify subtlety while the bolder ones make a statement. We understand your style is a reflection of who you are and therefore, help you customise your own solitaire pendant just the way you want it. 

You can start by selecting a diamond of your choice. If you want a round brilliant solitaire on your pendant, you can choose a Hearts & Arrows diamond from our beautiful array of solitaires. Even the smallest solitaires can make for very elegant and classy designs.

The biggest advantage of diamond pendants is that they are quite versatile. You can have a few pieces that will perfectly complement all your outfits. With some guidance from our end, you can create some pieces that combine style and your individuality!

Customised solitaire pendants for different occasions

As discussed earlier, a solitaire pendant is a flexible piece of jewellery. An ideal example of this would be our Expressions collection. Think of how you could wear it like a tie.

The solitaires of the lariat necklaces in this collection can be adjusted as per your mood and the occasion. A formal look at the office would call for the solitaires to be drawn closer to the neck for a compact effect. Later in the evening, while heading out for a party, you can loosen the solitaires as you let your hair down for a more relaxed look.

Light and flexible designs appeal to the younger generation due to their versatility. This is what we had in mind when we brought this collection to life. When you are creating your own diamond pendant with us, your ideas and inputs are of utmost importance!

Start with a setting

Design your beautiful diamond pendant by selecting a suitable setting

While choosing a setting for your solitaire necklace, consider the parts of the ornament. The first is the pendant, second is the bail/bale, next comes the chain and then the clasp. The pendant is the most important piece because it holds the solitaire. It is therefore important to design it with a lot of care.

From our end, we too ensure that you get only the best diamonds for your pendant. Which is why every solitaire is tested and quality guaranteed on 123 parameters and nothing less! 

Most diamond pendants use a prong setting, wherein the prongs secure the diamond to the pendant design. The pendant is attached to the chain by the bale which can either be a simple or decorative one. 

Unless the diamond is supposed to be moving, like in our Ballerina collection, the diamond in the pendant is secured by prongs. You can select as less as a one or two prongs and go up to four to six prongs while customising your solitaire pendant.

The ideal setting for your diamond pendant

You can also choose a suitable bail design for your pendant because it is part of the design. The pavé setting, the semi-bezel and the prong setting are the ideal settings used for most of the diamond pendants.

The semi-bezel setting protects a greater part of the diamond while ensuring that there is no dearth of brilliance. Unlike the bezel setting, this setting leaves the entire crown and girdle open for light to reflect. You can take a look at the necklaces from Expressions to see the semi-bezel setting.

Pendants are also meant to be comfortable. Which is why we ensure that all the designs are light yet stylish for daily wear. You can design one piece that can be worn to work and also to a casual outing.

When aesthetically placed, prongs can make all the difference to your solitaire jewellery. Right from diamond earrings and bangles to diamond rings, solitaire wedding rings and diamond engagement rings, prongs can quite transform the look of the ornament. And solitaire pendants are no exception!