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A story that your diamond engagement ring would love to tell. An everlasting love story that begins with a beautiful and romantic proposal. It is the special moments from your fairytale romance that this collection revives, as you both exchange your vows. This solitaire engagement ring collection “Yes I Do” ® by Divine Solitaires encapsulates the spirit of true love! Most importantly, it is the promises that you make. The vows that are meant to be honoured for an entire lifetime. I promise that I will always love you for what you are. You are perfect for me. I promise that we’ll share everything that is on our minds when we need each other. I promise to keep the light of our love shining, even in the darkest moments of our lives. I promise that we’ll stand strong together no matter what lies ahead of us. I promise not to let anything get in the way of a perfectly cut out love story. I promise that I’ll always have the patience for you and hold your hand throughout the journey. And lastly, I promise that there will be no other like you. For you are unique in your own way!

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Diamond Engagement Ring - " Yes I DO" ® Collection

Yes, I Do ® : Diamond engagement rings 

Your solitaire engagement ring is not just any ordinary diamond ring. And what makes it even more special is that there’s a story behind it. Engagement is the first step to a new life with someone you love the most. Not only is your relationship status upgraded but also the promises you now make are more meaningful! Saying “Yes, I do” ® means more than just getting engaged.

Divine Solitaires’ diamond engagement rings collection for women and men titled “Yes, I Do” ® is a symbol of these promises. The relationship you share with your significant other is unique and so should your engagement ring be! Every ring from this collection is a different kind of beauty, either simple or gorgeous.

A big moment such as your engagement day should be accompanied by a beautiful diamond ring. And Yes, I Do ensures just that! While she’ll, undoubtedly, love the diamond ring, she’ll love it more if the design suits her style perfectly. With a wide range of diamond rings to choose from, it won’t be difficult to pick the ideal ring for her.

What is this collection made of?

“Yes I Do” ® is a collection of solitaire and diamond couple rings and bands. With a variety of complementary designs for him and for her, there are so many beautiful ways to express your commitment to each other. 

What makes this collection special is the fact that these are designs that beautifully blend with one another. At the same time, the designs for him and her have their own individual touch. The design for the women’s ring is more feminine in nature while the men's ring designs are bolder.

Each diamond ring in this collection has been designed, keeping in mind the comfort and the sentiments of the wearer. For when you say “Yes I Do” ®, it is for a lifetime!

What makes her say Yes I Do?

There can be nothing less than the perfect diamond for your beloved and we’re here to help you with that.

A diamond’s natural birthmarks determine the clarity and the brilliance of the solitaire. For something as momentous as your engagement, make a choice that will let you 

A diamond’s real beauty is enhanced when you render the best cut to it. The Ex.Ex.Ex Plus cut, used on all Divine Solitaires diamonds, brings a unique sparkle to your diamond which will take her breath away!

An solitaire diamond  engagement ring is mainly identified by the size of the solitaire. While regular diamond rings can have petite stones, it is advisable to choose a sizeable diamond for the engagement ring. It has to be something that will make a lifetime impression on her!

A pure and colorless solitaire is symbolic of unfaltering commitment and everlasting love. Giving your partner such a diamond reaffirms your steadfastness towards the relationship.