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Now & Forever is a collection of couple band rings dedicated to love and companionship. It shows that a diamond ring means more than just an ornament. Most importantly, it is a symbol of love.

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Now & Forever: Diamond Couple Band Ring

The collection which consists of a finely crafted solitaire couple band ring signifies the love and romantic bond between a couple. The element of togetherness is reflected in every set of the Now & Forever collection.

The simplest meaning of the couple bands is rather deep. Each ring from the pair is worn by one of the partners. So even if they are far away from each other, their band reminds them of their beloved! So mostly, it is married or engaged couples who wear them. These rings are nothing like friendship bands that very close friends sometimes wear.

Now & Forever embodies all that you share with your beloved in your relationship. It holds a promise that two people in love make to each other - to cherish and to honor for life. For love is not just about the joyful moments that you share but also the tough times. More than standing up to these trying moments, it is essential that you both stand together.