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More about diamond earrings

Start with a diamond

Design your own lovely pair of solitaire earrings by selecting a diamond

Solitaire jewellery has unique designs where every piece creates a different look. Solitaire earrings, especially, are even more versatile because of their designs. We offer you diamonds crafted to perfection that help you create your favourite pair of diamond earrings.

Choose from a beautiful array of diamond shapes and cuts to start designing your own diamond earrings. We help you choose from the highest-quality solitaires, best suited for every style of earrings so that you can confidently flaunt your jewellery!

Diamond studs are just as charming as danglers. We offer a range of traditional as well as contemporary diamond earring designs in both styles that add charm to every look. We recommend solitaire stud earrings to style your everyday workwear look. Be it an office meeting or a formal conference, the contemporary appeal of our diamond stud earrings blends well with your look! 

Picking the right diamond cut for your earrings

The round brilliant solitaire is a great and versatile choice whether you choose diamond stud earrings or diamond danglers. Each diamond reflects superior-quality brilliance due to the precision of the Ex. Ex. Ex. Plus cut, that represents excellent cut, excellent symmetry and excellent polish!

For traditional occasions and family gatherings, choose brilliant diamond earrings that are specially designed for such moments. Earring designs with larger solitaires and melee diamonds or diamond-studded embellishments are the best bet for such days. You can also switch to princess cut or cushion cut solitaires for a beautiful change. To choose the best for yourself, explore more diamond earring designs with us. Each of the fabulous solitaires come with one-year free insurance!

We’ll help you from other diamond cuts to experiment and discover your best look. The beauty of each ring changes with the clarity and colour of your diamond. Match the colour of your solitaire with the colour of your gold. How about pairing a clear and colourless solitaire with white gold?

You can always browse our beautiful collection of solitaire earrings in different styles and choose any that complements your style. Right from the diamond colour and clarity to the design, we help you pick the best for yourself.

Start with a setting

Create your ideal pair of diamond earrings by choosing a beautiful setting

Choose from various diamond earring settings that not only help hold the stone in place but also add to its beauty. Did you know that the setting also plays an important part in the look of your earrings? We can assist you in choosing the setting that complements your customised diamond jewellery.

The prong setting, especially, gives an outline to the round solitaire. This is the best setting if you have chosen a pair of solitaire stud earrings. You can choose to have any number of prongs you would like to have. We suggest keeping it to a maximum of 4 prongs if your stone is smaller. Bigger diamonds can have up to 8 prongs.

There are variations even in the prong setting. If you are designing an earring with a princess cut solitaire, we advise you to use round prongs or flat prongs to protect the corners from damage. Depending on the cut or the shape of the diamond, you can customise the prongs as well.

For solitaire engagement rings, claw prongs are an ideal option. They are thin but sturdy prongs and allow the diamond to reflect enough light. The prong setting is also convenient because it lets you clean your diamond from time to time.

The convenient semi-bezel setting

For earrings, the semi-bezel setting is another beautiful option that helps showcase the brilliance of your diamond. It also works well with jewellery such as solitaire rings, solitaire pendants, diamond bangles and diamond necklaces. The semi-bezel setting reveals the entire crown and the girdle of the diamond. Not only does it help the diamond shine better but also lets you check the laser inscription of your Unique Identification number on the girdle.

Longer earrings can also use the semi-bezel setting so that diamond at the end of the design is secure. Moreover, like the classic prong setting, it can give your diamond an elevated appearance at times.

Designing your own jewellery gives you the freedom to choose the setting for your solitaire. Get the right guidance from us on what setting will look appropriate on your solitaire jewellery.