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Elegant, smart, beautiful! There is something for everyone. Flaunt your favourite style selected from our choicest collection of women’s solitaire rings.

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More about diamond rings

Start with a Diamond

Design a marvellous diamond ring by choosing a fabulous solitaire first.

You can select from a range of diamonds we have to offer. For every occasion you celebrate, you deserve to be adorned in diamonds that are cut with the highest level of precision. Design your own diamond ring with a diamond you like the best.

Select from round brilliant, princess cut, pear shape or an oval-shaped diamond, you can choose the one that will enhance your diamond ring in the best way possible! What really matters is your choice. We offer an array of diamonds in different carat sizes. 

Next, choose a diamond with a clarity of your preference. For the clarity in a diamond that is suited for your need, you can check the clarity range. We also offer diamonds in the colour range of your choice. Pick one that looks the best on your ring. Diamonds with different colours are suited for different types of rings. White gold can be your best pick for a wedding ring. 

Diamonds that are part of all your moments

There are diamond rings for different occasions. Right from diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings to a couple of rings, you can choose what kind of ring you would like to customise. A solitaire engagement ring is especially close to our heart than our other diamond jewellery. Why not avail one-year free insurance on this precious ornament to protect it?

And we understand that you would love to have a diamond rings that complement each different look! Round brilliant diamonds being a classic are suitable for traditional events or regular wear. Fancy occasions call for the fancy cuts. A fancy cut like an oval or pear-shaped diamond is also great for adding length to your fingers when set on your ring. Explore the diamonds catch your eye!

But diamonds are not only limited to solitaire rings. Our diamond pendants, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, tanmaniyas and nose pins flaunt solitaires cut to precision with the Ex.Ex.Ex Plus Cut. The mark of excellent cut, excellent symmetry and excellent polish!

Start with a Setting

Create a beautiful diamond ring for yourself, starting with your favourite setting!

With so many types of diamond rings for all kinds of occasions and celebrations, the ring setting is a very important component. After all, that is what forms the design of your diamond ring. Decide on a ring setting you feel is the best for you and we’ll help you customise the look of your ring.

Every occasion calls for a different style of a diamond ring. So why would you want the same setting for all your rings? We’ll guide you through the different settings you can choose from. 

The prong setting

This is the most popular setting for most diamond jewellery because it is also the strongest one. You can have anything from two prongs to eight prongs on your diamond ring. Prongs highlight the natural beauty of the diamond and sometimes, also make it appear more luminous!

The bezel & semi-bezel setting

The bezel setting is a simple and elegant setting for your diamond ring. But while it is the most secure setting for your diamond, the semi-bezel setting allows your diamond to shine better. All our diamond rings have the semi-bezel setting so that your beautiful diamond appears brighter!

The tension setting

We believe that your solitaire ring must look brilliant. For such brilliance, the tension setting is the best option. The diamond, held by the tension of the band’s ends, is fully exposed, thus allowing maximum light to reflect. This is the most sought after setting for most women’s diamond ring designs.

The halo setting

The halo setting is a unique one which highlights the real beauty of the solitaire on your ring. You can always choose a diamond-studded halo or a simple metal halo, depending on the style of your ring. For your solitaire engagement ring, we recommend a diamond-studded halo to make your diamond stand out!

You have the choice to select the setting and also the colour of the metal. Did you know that certain settings look especially great on certain gold colours? A four-pronged setting is the best choice for white gold. The light colour helps the diamond reflect maximum brilliance in this setting!

We help you choose the perfect setting you’re looking for when you customise your diamond ring.